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This is where I feature different fitness enthusiasts from our country: what have they achieved and how it could be possible for us to win our fitness goals, too!

Pinoy Fitspiration #2: Patrick Jerome Ngo

Previously, it was SJ San Juan who shared us his fitness story. And we can't wait to feature more of Pinoy #Fitspirations, so we're...

READ ON: Are You Into Looking Fit or Being Fit?

In this world of fitness, there's always this struggle of starting their journey because they want to look fit, and some having the simplest...

Pinoy Fitspiration #7: Andre Tan

Oi oi oi! Our #PinoyFitspiration section is now one of the most-read section of the blog and I am very thankful to all the...

Pinoy Fitspiration #3: Ia Hernandez

This list is slowly growing and I am very happy to feature this time, a good friend that's one of the great minds behind...

Pinoy Fitspiration #6: Gil Christian Perez

More and more Filipino fitness inspirations are coming and being referred to Related Fitness, so thank you and we hope you keep them coming!...

#PinoyFitspiration 8: Instructor & Triathlete Vanessa Agdon

Now let me introduce a good friend of mine. Vanessa Agdon is an instructor at Fitness First and an age-group triathlete. Back in 2012, Vanessa...

#PinoyFitspiration 9: Fat Kid To New Hunk Joshua Aquino

While we constantly feature different people from around the country where we get inspirations into starting a fitter, healthier life, this guy right here instantly...

#PinoyFitspiration 10: Zie Naval

We have just completed a milestone by featuring a total of 10 Pinoy Fitspirations as of today here at Relatable Fitness, and up on this 10th spot is the guy who seeks for recognition from all his hard work after struggling with weight gain. Meet our #PinoyFitspiration 10: ZIE NAVAL.

#PinoyFitspiration 12: Coach Joshua Gayta

It's been a while since we have featured a #PinoyFitspiration due to super busy work schedule lately, so my apologies! But this guy right here...

#PinoyFitspiration 14: Mr. National Universe PH 2018 Ken Filarca

"No one started fit to be fit, but you can start to become fit if you want to" - Mr. Natonal Universe Philippines 2018 Ken Filarca

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