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“For HIIT At Home, Will A Cheap Exercise Bike Do?”

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For HIIT At Home, Will A Cheap Exercise Bike Do?

“I’m generally one to buy for life, but due to some issues I really don’t think I need a top of a line exercise bike. Having some physio for some knee issues and want to ramp up the cardio at home with a long term goal of getting into the gym or out and about within about 6 months.

Is it okay to get a cheap version of this for home HIIT?

For HIIT* only, will a cheap exercise bike do the trick for 6 months or so?”

* HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

Our Answer:

If you’re having a budget constraint and still want something worked out for working out at home, then YES go ahead.

BUT… make sure the bike can give proper resistance or it will not be worth it. This is one of the major setbacks because most of the cheap equipment out there may not meet your expectations.

You can also think of other affordable cardio elements such as jumping rope, running, box jumps on ANY box actually. But most importantly, you will have to consult your doctor if any of these would be recommended for you, depending on how light or how bad your knee problem is. Don’t just engage yourself with high intensity exercises without proper guidance or you might end up injuring yourself worse than ever.

Nonetheless, HIIT is something you can really do at a garage or inside your home, just keep the intensity!

Home exercise bikes range from around P2,000.00 to as much as P40,000.00. You can check a good selections of exercise bikes from Lazada Philippines thru here.

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