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Digital Fat Loss Monitor: “Can I Trust Change In Percentage?”

Let’s tackle this question about digital fat loss monitors and their accuracy:

Digital Fat Loss Monitor: Can I Trust Change In Percentage?

I know digital fat loss monitors are supposed to be super inaccurate in terms of the body fat percentage it gives you, but can you trust the change in percent?

For example, if I go from 17% fat to 14% fat, can I just trust I lost 3% points of fat?

I measure at the same time every morning after using the bathroom and before eating or drinking.

Our Answer:

For short-term changes, digital fat loss monitors may be inaccurate. It is becaue the measurement can vary wildly from day to day due to a number of factors, such as hydration being huge, just as weight can.

They are best for observing long-term trends.

Try to record daily and observe the trend weekly. Lot of work but worth it.

To do that, simple measure your body fat everyday at the exact same time (when you wake up for example, that’s how I do it). Put the numbers on a chart and you can see if there’s a long-term trend. For example, the first week all the numbers may average out to 17%. The third week, the numbers may average out to 15%.

The numbers may not actually show you what your real percentage is, but you’ll see that you’re doing something right as the trend is decreasing. Hope that helps.

And if you still worry about inaccuracies of your current digital fat loss monitor, you can check out a list from this link in Lazada Philippines: Body Fat AnalyzersI got myself an Omron Body Fat Analyzer / Monitor at home (the ones on the photo).

Any answers from the readers?

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