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Shredding: How To Conquer The Gruelling Yet Rewarding 5 Weeks

The official “shredding” season has started. The heat is on which means your clothes will be coming off.

What does this mean for us BodyCon finalists? Most of us will be cutting on carbs, removing sweets temporarily, decreasing water intake, grunting so bad at the gym because of lack of energy, and feeling the pressure as it is just 3 weeks away from the official photoshoot, and 5 weeks away from the finals night.

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My final initial cut look, 186lbs down to 178.

Here’s some points that I’ll be doing which could also work for you to make sure you’re summer-ready this 2020!

  • Always Dial-In Your Nutrition – This is something that a lot of people are getting lazy at whenever they try to enter the fitness world. But there are a lot of mobile apps today that can track your calories and macros. They may not be necessarily as accurate, but a ballpark guide would be enough. While I use a separate macro-tracker I am developing myself (which I’ll feature soon) You can jumpstart tracking with myFitnessPal.
  • Forget Crash-Diet & Educate Yourself Better – Although there are a lot of fad diets that might possibly help you shred quickly, your lean body won’t last long. As soon as you increase your calories to a reasonable level, believe me, you’ll be worse off than you were before. Using a sustainable diet you can maintain is the best way to lose fat. Legitimate diets may not bring overnight results, but they will mean safe, effective, and long-lasting gains. Stop chasing magic bullets and embrace the process!
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  • Eat Quality Foods, Frequently – Spread your meals across frequent and smaller ones. It is always effective for boosting your metabolism. But remember that it’s not just about the frequency, quality is as important. So choose complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats throughout the day.
  • Shorten Your Rest Periods On Workout – As you aim to lift a weight that will fatigue you at 8-10 reps, keep the rest periods between sets on 45-60 seconds only. Keep it simple, keep the workouts as hard as possible. It’s called “working out” after all, and for good reason.
  • Sleep More, Stress Less – Factors that will work against you are lack of sleep and a lot of stress. Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism and puts you on a higher level of hunger throughout the day, while stress puts on on a possibility to binge-eat and sleep poorly. Prioritize sleep and relaxing as you would do with workouts. The better you can control stress, the faster you’ll see progress in your fat levels.
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  • And Finally, Set Realistic Goals & Monitor Progress – “I’m a big proponent for reaching for the stars, but at some point, you have to respect your limitations,” says Kaltwasser. You did not gain 20lbs in 3 weeks just to lose them at the same amount of time. Again, learn to embrace the process and simply celebrate small successes! A lot like you are taking the same slow-yet-worthy path, so keep going!
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Progress requires consistency, so stay focused. If you focus on smaller steps as you go, you’ll find better long-term success. Hope this helps! See you on the finals night of BodyCon 5.0!

P.S. Don’t forget to get your Gold’s Gym BodyCon 5.0 Finals Night tickets today thru TicketWorld. See you all! You may also visit my Gold’s Gym BodyCon 5.0 Journey / Diary! Cheers!

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