Love Frees You: Project Headshot & Zalora Presents FREELOVE 2017

Photos are out!

June is the International Pride Month – a month of celebrating diversity. It’s that time of the year when members of the LGBT community, family, friends and allies proudly share their love in unity with the rest of the world. Asking nothing but respect – respect for life, respect for dignity, respect for basic human rights.

The LGBT are the recipients of moral judgment, discrimination, and often violence. The endless cycle continues to grow and cultivates oppression. Loving someone of the same sex remains to be forbidden and unacceptable in many parts of the world.

Love frees you – and you should love freely.

Project Headshot Clinic and ZALORA Philippines are marching on to celebrate all forms of love! In partnership with The Red Whistle, Metro Manila Pride and Artisano Studio the campaign is a strong call for freedom to love. no room for hate. To face reality with boldness and screaming passion for the unconditional, immeasurable, boundless and wonderful thing that is love. So regardless of your sexual orientation and gender identity, we embrace, we acknowledge. That is what FREELOVE campaign is all about.

As the Philippines celebrates Metro Manila Pride 2017, FREELOVE showcases all kinds of love through an online photography exhibit, showcasing headshots of human beings who choose to love, in spite- and despite of.

​FREELOVE is in support of the 2017 Metro Manila Pride Festival happening on the 24th of June 2017 at Marikina City. For more information, please visit

And now here’s me showing support & acceptance to our friends & families to fight discrimination.

Project Headshot Clinic Zalora Philippines FreeLove 2017 - Jeff Alagar
Everyone deserves respect. Photo by Project Headshot Clinic / Niccolo Cosme / Artisano Studio

Love frees you – and you should love freely! PRIDE is upon us and whichever color it is in the rainbow that we represent, LGBT or straight, if we embrace individuality and give mutual respect, we can make the world more beautiful.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

Thanks to Niccolo Cosme of The Red WhistleProject Headshot Clinic, Zalora Philippines, and Artisano Studio, with special mention to Cha Pestano, nice meeting you there!

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