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Quick Guide: Finding The Right Fitness Club For You

You would like to join a fitness club but there are so many choices! There’s Fitness First there, Gold’s Gym here, Anytime Fitness, Elorde there, Bikram, MMA gyms, and a lot more… then you will just end up having a headache!

Fitness clubs are supposed to be YOUR effective motivators. They should motivate us and not frustrate us. So before you choose on a fitness club, make sure that it suits your needs and goals. And before you do that, you should first learn and decide on what is your priority. By then, you will know what you really need in a fitness club.

Find the perfect fitness center that’s fit for your needs.

Here are some guidelines you can consider in choosing a fitness club that is best for you:

Gym / Fitness Center Location

The location is the first thing that you should consider when finding a fitness club. If the club is far from your home, you will just have another excuse not to work out. It is best to find a facility that is near your home, or office so you can walk heading there after your work.

Trainers, Staff, and Employees

Are the employees friendly and nice? Will they be able to help you reach your goals?

Make sure that the instructor has the necessary experience to work with you. If you’re planning to hire a fitness instructor, he/she should be a certified professional that can work with you safely and effectively. Your instructor should also know if you have physical limitations or you may find an instructor that is well trained to work with you. You can also check the age of the instructor especially if it is one factor for your motivation and learning.

Aside from just the FIs, the staff should also be helpful, friendly and professional. You can also ask the services they offer and find what is important for you. Some facilities even have their own nurtitionist and physical therapists that can offer services for you.

Fitness Programs

Find time to see what programs are there for you and check if they suit your interests. Do they offer group classes? Choose the facility that offers the classes you really like. You can do a trial class to check it out if you want. A couple of these I’m really into are Les Mills BodyCombat, BodyPump, and BootCamp.

Working out to lift heavy free weights? Find hardcore (even bakal) gyms around your area.

Equipment & Operating Hours

Check if the equipment are enough for all members. Otherwise, you will waste your time falling in line and waiting for your turn. Some gyms also offer 24-hour operations like Anytime Fitness, so make sure that the facility is open during the time you are most likely to do work outs and exercises.

Only got time to workout at midnight? Try gyms that are open for 24 hours.


Machines and other training facilities should be in clean and in good order. If you see a lot of “out of order” signs, it could be something to think about. Modern equipment are safer and more comfortable to use, so you may also want to consider that. Are the floors cleaned regularly to avoid accidents? Is there enough room for everyone? Also check if the facility is located in a place away from danger, consider also if the location is well lit.

Friendly Members

The fitness club can also be a venue for social interaction. For most of the group exercise and fitness activities like yoga, group boxing, etc., you may end up having new friends! Take time to drop by and meet the members of the club before you enroll. Other members can be your good workout buddies in the near future and should be considered.

Membership Cost

It is important to know the monthly membership fee and what it covers. Some fitness clubs have hidden charges and you should be keen in checking that. Check if they have promotions or discounts and do they offer services at an extra fee. It is also important to know how long the club has been and how often they increase rates, there are a couple of fitness clubs in the Philippines that increases their rates almost every year, so be mindful.

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Don’t just stick into one fitness club. Try to visit as many facilities as you can and make a comparison. Then you can just narrow down your choices to the establishments that meet your needs and priorities. For example, I’m doing my regular physique workout routines at Gold’s Gym, endurance training and calisthenics at Sparta Philippines, and defense training at Krav Maga. I still yet to try The Archery Academy soon.


What do people say about it? Take your time to gather feedback from other members. Ask them what they can say about the club and let them tell you about the experiences with the facility.


Overall, choosing a fitness club is just like shopping on the best shirt for you. Do not be pressured and do not try to contact them right away. You can take your time to review and gather enough information if you are still not sure which one to choose. Once you have made your choice, enjoy and make the most out of it.

If you’re still unsure of getting a membership in one single club, you can try getting a registration at an online fitness hub where you can book for single classes or fitness sessions, such as Fit Access PH. There are no subscriptions, and definitely no commitments. It’s like going around and trying out each and every fitness centers near you until you find the one that suits you most.

FitAcess Philippines: Give It A Try

Register at https://fitaccess.ph and book for a class such as Elorde, LiftHard Philippines, Republic Fencing, The Archery Academy, Trampoline Park, Yoga Philippines, and more. Check out using promo code JEFFxFA and receive 10% off on your first booking with one of their partners (until July 15, 2017 only).

Let’s get fit. Nao!

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