Why I Munch On Gummy Bears After Workout

Here’s another quick question and answer from a simple yet weird looking routine I normally do: bringing a colorful snack with me when I go to Twin Oaks. So let’s bring that up…

Q: Why in the world are you bringing gummy bears at our gym?

A: Because I can. So wag kang ano. Loljk.

Post-workout glucose from gummy bears
Gummy bears? Yup. They have benefits too.

During workout, especially when weight training, you’re supposed to consume carbs afterwards because you have to replenish the glycogen on your muscle that you lost during the workout.

And the best way to replenish glycogen is to consume high-glycemic (fast-digesting) carbs right away.

Dextrose: My Personal Post-Workout Carb Source

Did you know that consuming dextrose — the main content of gummy bears — right after a workout means the body doesn’t need to digest it anymore. That’s because post-workout glucose can be absorbed into the bloodstream almost AS QUICK as when it is ingested.

It gets to your spent muscles like The Flash, as rapidly as possible, resulting in the quickest and most complete replenishment of muscle glycogen. Because of the process, it will keep your muscles stocked with enough glycogen for your next workout and then pull water into your muscle cells, meaning you are actually maximizing your muscle size.


Jeff’s Tips

If you want to maximize your muscle growth and recovery, try consuming fast carbs along with your protein supplement. For me, it’s usually around 4-5 gummy bears, and a tumbler of Combat Whey / Phase 8.

Dextrose Powder in Philippines
This is a good alternative. Get it at Mercury Drug.

And if you are too lazy to get to Candy Corner, go to Mercury Drug instead and get the bottle above. Same benefits, less guilt feeling from the “candy” idea.

Anyone still raising hands on why I usually bring out a pack of Trollis at the locker room?

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