You Heard It: Starving Makes You Actually Gain Weight

Just a quick question and answer for you for a simple summary I’d like to share: starvation is NOT good.

Q: Can food starving aid in weight loss? I’ve seen a lot saying HOY fasting na ko para pumayat na ko (I’m already on fasting so I can lose weight), but is it really true? Does it work?

A: Heya! Susme. Please remember, one of the things that makes people not get the weight loss results that they want is that they could occasionally be starving their bodies.

There are two basic ways that this can happen: for it to be done inadvertently—like when you just get busy and forget to eat; or when you purposely deprive your body of food to try and “speed up” your results.

Regardless of how it happens, either scenario in this case is equally damaging. Although you will decrease the calories that you take in which may lead to some short-term weight loss, the real kicker here is that you will be slowing down your metabolism.

What Slowing Down Metabolism Actually Means

It means that after the starving is over, your body will hold onto the next meal you eat for dear life, expecting be be starved again.

If you allow starvation to become a habit, you will actually be contributing to your own weight gain in the future. Take that!

Therefore, make sure that you are keeping your meals not more than 4 hours apart. As long as you do this, you will be supporting the healthy metabolism that you’ll need to lose the kind of weight that you’re trying to commit to.

Make good eating a habit, not starving!

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