Pinoy Fitspiration #6: Gil Christian Perez

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Now, our next in the #PinoyFitspiration line is Gil Christian Perez, a valentines-born (February 14) graduate of Bachelor of Science In Hotel and Restaurant Management with Summa Cum Laude from the University of Baguio.

As of now, Gil is managing their family business and pursuing his modeling career. He is an outgoing individual and loves travelling: “It’s because I want to experience other cultures especially their food.”

“I am competitive, hard working and responsible. I never settle for less, if I want something I will do my best to succeed.”

What was you path into fitness? How did you finally become interested in it?

After graduating in college, I started gaining weight and having a lot of acne on my face and body. I felt ugly and fat to the point that my friends and relatives noticed the negative change in my appearance. It became a problem when I started to lose my self-esteem and confidence that made me depressed and sad so I decided to change my lifestyle and started my path to fitness.

You have been this lean for almost 2 years now and have managed to stay consistent. What was your biggest motivation in staying fit and healthy?

Being bullied for being fat and having a lot of acne made me sad and depressed. There’s a time that I don’t want to attend social gathering because I am embarrassed of my appearance and afraid to be teased by my friends. What makes me motivated is myself. For me, the greatest motivation comes within you; this is the drive to make yourself better. My positive attitude kept me motivated to overcome my frustrations and struggles.

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Gil’s figure and acne breakouts which made him feel depressed.

Can you take us a little to your training routine? What is it like?

I do my workout at home and exercise every other day, first is warm up then I do a fifth teen to twenty-minute run then some light weight lifting (back and chest every Monday & Friday Shoulders and Arms every Wednesday and Sunday) then some crunches and ab exercise for the core then after I finish my workout I do cool down stretches.

In this fitness journey of yours and being exposed to a lot of different physical activities, can you tell us your top 3 favorite exercises and what do you love about them?

  1. Ab ripper x- a fifth teen minute core and ab workout program which is fast extreme and very effective.
  2. Running/Jogging (Cardio) – for endurance stamina and weight loss.
  3. Planks- develops strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and glutes.

In your own opinion, how many hours would it require for a normal workout and how many times a week?

In my opinion this will depend on your body goal but for me One hour to two hours a day and three to four times a week is good enough. Don’t exercise everyday because our body needs to rest and recovery in order to repair the stretched muscle and avoid muscle catabolism, so don’t over do it learn to rest.

Say hello to the fitter, healthier Gil!

What’s your take on nutrition? Do you count calories? Any sample diet you’d like to share?

My take on nutrition is consuming food in moderation and having self-discipline in our food intake. No I eat four to five times a day and I make sure that in every meal I maintain a balanced diet, which means my meal is composed of protein, carbs, fats and macronutrients.

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#RelatableFitness Question: Do you allow yourself to have cheat days? If you do, what are your favorite foods you allow yourself to indulge in?

Yes I have two cheat days a week because you should not deprive yourself from eating what you like and having a cheat day is like rewarding yourself for all the effort you put in your exercise.

Favorite food I indulge in are sriracha wings from yellow cab, ace diary greentea ice cream, starbucks caramel cream, turks beef shawarma, potato corner French Fries, yellow cab Pizza

“Anything is possible if you do your best.”

Before we end this interview, what’s your biggest advise to those who are amazed by your big transformation and wants to start a healthier, fitter lifestyle too?

My advice to the people who wants to start a healthier lifestyle is: Don’t give up because things are hard, anything is possible if you do your best so work hard, dream big and aim high.

If he can do it, so can you. #beInspired

Any shout outs / parting words / fitness quotes you live on by?

Discipline is the key to fitness. Stay committed and dedicated results don’t show overnight, SO WORK FOR IT.

Want to ask Gil questions about more of his transformation trade secrets? Reach him thru the his Facebook at, or follow him on instagram at gilperez14.

More #PinoyFitspiration coming to you this week! Cheers!

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