I Can See My Voice Before I Compete For Bodybuilding

Warning: Read with caution. This is rather a personal post that does not cover any of fitness topics or categories in this blog.

First, I am deeply thankful for those who have watched my rather awkward segment at a TV show lol. A lot of you might have watched the recently aired episode of “I Can See Your Voice”, with me using the codename: Brad Fit.


I completely lost it after the VTR segment, and you NOW know the reason behind it.

I have been singing since high school and have then competed for more than 10 years in both amateur and pro competitions. But whenever I try to step up my game, I always get pulled down. Either I’m kicked out of the auditions, passed the auditions and didn’t get called back, went through to the eliminations but got eliminated early, or have performed but didn’t win at all.

  • Search for the Star in a Million (ABS-CBN)
  • Philippine Idol (ABC5)
  • Pinoy Idol (GMA)
  • Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 3 (GMA)

  • Search for the Big Star (GMA)
  • Twist & Shout (ABS-CBN)

I have tried my luck SEVERAL times last year at Tawag Ng Tanghalan but to no luck. I always get rejected at the final round before the VTR. Until I saw I Can See Your Voice, where you actually stand a shot at TNT only if you actually win the said mystery game show.

So I gave it a shot and auditioned last October. I passed the screening all the way up to the VTR and initial interview. Oh God that felt really good.

But then, I got a Bell’s Palsy THREE DAYS after the screening, and roughly 4 DAYS before my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me? Sigh.


Soon after, I got the dreaded call while I am still undergoing rehab to get my smile and left eyebrow working back. I finally am gonna be on TV again, ma… with the palsy.

There’s no stopping now, bruh. I have decided to get on with it just so I can sing again on National TV after around 5 years.

But I didn’t win. And it was nobody’s fault.

Little bits:

  • It was really hard to make a poker face with my condition as my left eye FULLY OPENS on bright light. Hence it looked really off.
  • And yup, my eyes (particularly left) doesn’t close completely. My mouth gets filled with air when doing my lipsynch on P and B words as of the taping. My left cheek was a little numb and cannot chew well. And I was really trying hard to find a good angle to lipsynch my song with my “hanging open” eye away on camera.

*plays drama music* here’s a cover song instead.

There are dreams that are too high to reach, but it doesn’t slap you an idea to stop dreaming. There is probably another dream waiting to come true for you, because no matter how you wanted to stop & give up, you will always dream, even if it means finding  another one and letting go of the other. It’s in our nature, so just keep your head up high and get going!

So as for me, it’s time for a new passion moving forward: a shot at a bodybuilding competition. I know it’s gonna be a tough road, but my grip is tight and I am more than hungry to get myself up into a different stage… the physique competition stage!

Nonetheless, I am still very thankful for the opportunity that a lot have already wished they could have. A lot of hopefuls have tried to make their way into the show and I just can’t let it pass just because of one illness.

I hope that while I focus hard on this newfound passion, there would still be doors ready to open when it’s time to sing my heart out again.

Papagaling muna ako. Haha!

A shoutout of gratitude goes to the entire ICSYV family, especially Sir Athan Orolfo, Sir Alvin, and of course, the guys who have made it real fun: my co-mystery singers, the SOCOs (Hello Ms. Angeline I wanted to smile so bad having to finally meet you, but my face can’t do it lol), and to our game show host, Luis, who have recommended me to undergo an acupuncture therapy (which I am already doing now).

After 3 sessions of acupuncture: still a long way to go but it’s starting not to look obvious.

Now I’d like to take this opportunity now for YOU, my reader, to please follow me on my fitness blog, cover song channel, and social accounts:

Shall we get going? *punas ulit ng uhog* lol. Brad Fit signing out!

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