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Your Pinoy Fit Buddy Just Turned 35!

Your Pinoy Fit Buddy just turned 35! Proud to be strong on this time of my life!

pinoy fit buddy jeff alagar 35 years old birthday 2020
Happy Birthday to me!

Just a quick personal post here actually, saying how time really flies. I’m still recovering from Bell’s Palsy 3 years after its onset last 2017. I was supposed to feel bad but…

A year after, I was able to join a bodybuilding competition, and a singing competition on TV. I have a job (and still have one despite the pandemic) that I really love. I am currently competing for a prestigious fitness ambassador competition. And now reaching heights to become a mobile app developer at the same time. (Shhhh.. we’re about to launch an official mobile app soon!)

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There were things I would think and easily feel bad about myself, but there are a WAAAYY lot more reasons to feel good. And that’s what should matter the most!

I’m sure more things will come with its own bundle of ups and downs, but that’s the grand ride of life, isn’t it? I’m hopeful that as I continue to grow older, age will continue to be just a number instead of a reminder of choices made and life gone by. Cheers to living for today… living with no regrets, and definitely no comparisons.

Every year on your birthday, you get the chance to start new.

Sammy Hagar

Enough of this dramarama sa hapon, let’s head back to fitness alright? I’ll try my best to share more with you, more than I frequently does. That I really promise my friend! Ciao!


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