January 2018 Has Ended: Where Are You Now In Fitness?

This is just for a little boost of motivation.

January 2018 has ended and way back during the new year you told yourself, “this is the year. THIS is the year I make a change and get to the gym!”, but then you tell yourself, “Where am I know? Have I even started?”

A great place to start is by signing up for a gym membership. If you’ve already done that, you’re making great strides. So, you’ve got that covered. Next thing, survive your first few days at the gym.

Now what? What muscles do you workout? What do you eat? How often should you workout or how long? What is a reliable source for workout routines? et al.

Fitness is overwhelming when you first get your feet wet. There is a lot and you’re already intimidated. That’s fine. Feeling distraught, intimidated, uncomfortable, confused and lost are all part of getting into fitness.

But here’s whats different… this year, 2018 is YOUR YEAR. None of this quitting BS now. None of this, “jusme its too hard. I just want to go home.”

None of that.

Have you seen Culver Padilla, MJ Tam, King Panda, Rendon Labador, and the Gold’s Gym BodyCon 3.0 Finalists in the flesh? Do you think they work out 10 minutes a day? NO. Those guys spend hours in the gym, mates with the equipment and strives to take advantage of the human bodies’ extreme physical perfection. I’ve seen some of them and I bet you’ll be totally intimidated with the kind of discipline they put onto themselves when they’re at their “bootcamps”.

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This year is your year not to be lazy. Not to give up when things get tough. This year is different. You have love handles, you have cellulite, you have a huge gut – Bid them farewell.

Champion are made from ones who never give up.

It’s going to be tough and there WILL be days you don’t want to go. You’ll be achy in the beginning and you won’t have the motivation to get up off your big belly to get to the gym. But that BIG BELLY should be the reason you want to go.

2018 is the year you should ascend to greatness.

So where do you start to look at fitness routines? Macro and micro nutrients? Food?! You’re in luck! We’re about to start writing about these in the next coming days!

You will see yourself and many others head to the gym come January 1st and you will see them slowly be picked off by natural selection. The gym will choose you as one of it’s own if you prove yourself. Once you have you will never look back.

Did you know: 18 million Filipinos are obese and overweight.

A huge portion of our population is not healthy and carrying around more weight than their bodies can handle. Do you want to be a part of that? Or do you want to be that tones female on the treadmill kicking ass. Maybe the muscular guy pushing 225 for 10 reps on the bench?

Do you want to be fit and sculpt your body or do you want it to waste away?

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And we’ll try to get things covered to help you out!

On the other hand, here at Relatable Fitness, we’ll try to provide you with as much information that you need to get to whatever goal you may have. So don’t miss out and subscribe.

Good luck in 2018 and make a difference for yourself and your life. Follow me and join me in leaving the world behind. Cheers!

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