FITFIL Movement Gave Fitness Leaders A Level-Up With Fitness Science Series

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – FitFil National Fitness Movement partnered up with Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Active for “Fitness Science Series: National Fitness Leaders Certification Program”. Highly recognized and participated by the country’s Premiere Medical, Nutritional, and Fitness Organizations, this program aimed to produce the new breed of science-based fitness practitioners and professionals.

FitFil’s National Fitness Leaders Certification Program was a training course designed to standardize the basic scientific and medical knowledge necessary for every health, fitness, and wellness practitioner in the Philippines. Gathering 200 trainers, enthusiasts, and professionals from different fitness discipline and practice, this certification program conducted by Coach Jim Saret is the country’s biggest assembly of fitness leaders we know today.

Jim Saret leading the pack.(Photo by Roy Mordeno from Fitfil Group)

The certification program offered topics that was led by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM), the Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines (NDAP), and the Athletic Performance Enhancement Training, Inc. (APEX), all gathered together in one event with the goal of taking the fitness knowledge of these trainers to the next level.

During the Hands-only CPR training (Photo Antonio Jojo Matias from Fitfil Group)

The certification program educated the trainers on the fundamentals of fitness science via lectures such as: The Effects of Exercise on the Heart, Musculoskeletal Injury Management, Hands-only CPR, Biomechanical Movement Assessment, and The Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Beverages in Fitness Performance. These discussions ensure that every fitness professional will be equipped with the proper knowledge to aid in overall safety and performance in fitness.

National fitness leader baby! ;)

About FitFil and Fit n Right ACTIVE partnership

Fit Filipino (FitFil) Movement, founded by Coach Jim and Toni Saret, is the Philippines’ biggest nationwide health, fitness, and wellness movement with a mission to be the primary driving force in helping the entire country fight lifestyle diseases by getting the whole country to become stronger, fitter and healthier.

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Fit ‘n Right Active aims to help Filipino exercisers and fitness enthusiasts become fitter, faster. Rather than drinking other beverages during exercise, drinking Fit ‘n Right Active not only rehydrates, but also helps reduce fat. It is the first 2-in-1 sports drink that has electrolytes to rehydrate and 900mg of L-Carnitine to help reduce up to 2x more fat vs. the leading brand. It comes in four refreshing flavors: Mixed Berries, Blueberry Grape, Citrus, and Green Grape.

“Del Monte vision has always been Health and Wellness, and Fit ‘n Right in particular has the goal of helping Filipinos become fitter so that they can lead a fuller life.  This is what brought together our partnership with FitFil.” said Aldellyn Po, Group Product Manager of Del Monte Beverages. “Fit ‘n Right Active and FitFil share one goal for the fitness community – and that is to strengthen the knowledge and experience of the fitness leaders in the country, effectively helping all fitness enthusiasts and exercisers become their fittest selves in a safe way. At the core of Fit n Right Active is the science behind the drink that is proven to effectively rehydrate the body and while helping reduce body fat.”

“We envisioned the National Fitness Leader Certification to be a primary training requirement for all Health & Fitness Professionals regardless of specialization.” said Coach Jim Saret, founder of FitFil. 

Bringing fitness leaders with different fitness specialization in one venue made possible with the support of Fit ‘n Right Active.

Fit ‘n Right Active is set to build its community involving fitness leaders, influencers and communities. The brand will help these communities achieve their fitness goals. This community is grounded on the values that anywhere there is a solid ground, we move and be active.

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