I’M IN! Join The FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge Too

Finding the right moment to start your weight loss journey? How about NOW, together with the rest of the nation? It’s the FitFil 1,000,000lbs National Weight Loss Challenge, and everyone can join!

It’s the race to 1,000,000 pounds lost, all of us can join this movement!

What Is FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge?

FitFil 1,000,000 National Weight Loss Challenge is an online and on-ground campaign that is FREE for all Filipinos. It is aimed to encourage Filipinos to join the weigh loss movement and gather 1 million lbs. collectively for a period of 6 months, from June to December 2017.

Oh, and take note, FitFil is THE ONLY nationwide campaign with strong support and endorsement by Medical Associations, Fitness Clubs, Multinational and Private Companies, Universities, Local Government Units, National Agencies and Media and top groups from various sectors!

I WANT IN! How Do I Join?

Here’s your step-by-step guide to donating your unwanted pounds today:

  1. Login to and fillup the form.
  2. Go to your nearest weigh-in centers located at selected Robinson’s Supermarket and Elorde Boxing Gym Center so they can record your baseline weight (starting weight).
  3. Post a quick video on your social media with the following hashtags: #FitFilChallengeAccepted #PledgeToDonate
  4. Then you may start losing those unwanted pounds in any way you can! Either enroll in a fitness membership club, join FitFil affiliated centers, or join a bunch of organized FitFil events nationwide. Your journey can last from 1 to 6 months from the date of weigh-in!
  5. Once you have reached your weight-loss target, you may go back to the weigh-in centers to officially “weigh-out” and declare the final number of pounds contributed! By achieving your goal, you will receive a medal / finisher’s shirt / plaque!
  6. You can now repost a video of just take a selfie with your reward with the new hashtags #FitFilChallengeAchieved#IAmAFitFilipino

The campaign will run from June until December this 2017. This is brought to you by Fit Filipinos Movement. For more information and for complete list of weigh-in centers, visit their official website at

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