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Skin Whitening? ALADA Soap From Thailand Review

I’ve been looking for a reliable soap to try out together with my skin whitening regimen such as Glutathione IV Drip home service and some whitening supplements. Heard this product because a friend keeps on insisting that I try this because apparently it works.

And so I did give it a try.

What Is ALADA Soap?

ALADA Soap is a popular soap in Thailand. It promises to remove acne, freckles and pimples. ALADA also have a good effect for nourishing & moisturizing your skin — for clearer and fine skin complexion. I can also whiten your skin and keeps it smooth and young looking.

ALADA Soap claims to be 100% natural.

ALADA Soap is made of 100% natural ingredients:

  • Carambola Nano Extract
  • White Ginger Extract
  • Synthetic Collagen IV
  • Algae Extract

Where To Buy ALADA Soap in Philippines

You can get it at around P350.00 – P550.00 depending on the buyer at Shoppee Philippines, or around P400.00 – P600.00 at Lazada Philippines.

My ALADA Soap Review

San Mig beer in a soap anyone? Lol. Seriously, from the moment I opened the soap it smelled like our local beer. But no big deal it’s just the scent. Instructions say that you need to bathe with warm water for your pores to open and make the soap suds easily penetrate the skin. I’m already used to warm water shower so it’s nothing new as well. This soap has to be on the skin for around 3 minutes every use for maximum results. Number of use? Depends, I think it won’t last a month if you’re going to put this on your daily regiment for both face and body.

Final Rating: 3.8 / 5

As of August 13, 2023

I’m more to just giving this soaps a fair rating. The feeling after using it exactly feels like Likas Papaya or some amazingly scented Papaya soaps. Nothing really special but the stingy sensation after washing it off feels like it’s actually doing something, maybe good, maybe bad.

The good thing about ALADA Soap is that the fairness can be noticeable after continuously using it for 2-3 weeks. I’m already on my 3rd soap and while I’m also on my whitening orals (Snow Caps), I yet have to post my before and after soon.

But to its real whitening effects, I cannot attest much proof other that the fair and even skin tone after continuous use, at least on my end. I just hope the price declared in the market isn’t all because of hype. But I’m already on my final box so stay tuned for the final verdict.

At the moment, I’ll leave this rating to that, I’m still using this so I’ll update you in case something good comes up.

Reminder: BEWARE of Fake ALADA Soaps!

Oh yes it exists! Just because a lot has already spoken about its effectivity, the fake ones already started circulating the market. Clue? It’s definitely cheaper, but get ready for the unnecessary risks. Take a look below and differentiate between ALADA authentic and fake soaps.

The original soap is in bright orange color while the fake ones are in pale yellow.

Final Tips

  • Use it not just in your face but in your whole body daily during bath time. Leave it for 2-5 minutes so it really soothes in your skin.
  • You may wash your face with ALADA soap 3x a day.
  • Lightening of your skin may be seen within a week or days only after first application.
  • Continue using ALADA Soap as your bath-buddy for at least 2 months to see most visible result.

Let’s all be amazingly handsome confident! Haha!

Ready To Try ALADA Soap Yourself?

BUY ALADA Soap thru Lazada Philippines, click here.


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