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Adidas RPT-01 Sport Headphones: Fitness “First”

The new Adidas RPT-01 Sport On-Ear Headphones are said to be different from the rest of wireless audio gadget brands in a lot of things: from how it works, it sounds, up to the quality of material it is made of. While this sounds generally like a good thing, it all boils down to who actually wears it and the kind of setting they would choose to use this wonder gadget. From our own Pinoy Fit Buddy review of Adidas RPT-01 wireless stereo headphones, we can simply say that fitness enthusiasts who would go to the gym to use it or to run outside may find this the perfect gadget partner. But with the rest, it might be a little different.

Let’s break it down to bits and talk about the features and everything it has for you.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 1
Say hello to my new gym buddy (soon if the gym opens?), the Adidas RPT-01 Wireless Stereo Headphones

Adidas RPT-01 Headphones: The Box

The headphones is packaged in an elegant black Adidas box, which contains the headphones, a USB-C charging cable and manual. It doesn’t come with any case, which would mean I probably need to look at Shopee or Lazada for the perfect carrying case as I don’t plan to throw it in straight to my gym bag, or my office backpack.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 2
Adidas RPT-01 Wireless Headphones at the back of the box.

The quick setup instruction was easy: press the control knob button (a small square button on the right side of the headphones) for 2 seconds until you hear a power sound effect. Upon first use, you will hear another sound effect that signals pairing mode. This is how most of the wireless in-ear headsets and headphones that I have, works.

But this single device knob is already an all-around: You can toggle it left and right, up and down to move to previous and next track, and volume up and down, respectively.

I have tested this on Apple iPhone X and it was easily detected by my phone as a new bluetooth device and was able to connect easily. However, you also have the option to install the Adidas Headphones app (available on the App Store), which provides you with additional features:

  • Customization of action buttons
  • Device power level monitor, and;
  • Custom sound equalizers.
adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 7
Comfortable to the ears, but maybe a little worried about sweat?

The Adidas RPT-01 Sport On-Ear Headphones has Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and based on my usual fitness audio gears, I don’t usually put my phone far away from me so the connection from a distance was not an issue for me. But for the sake of testing, I was able to go as far as 15 feet before the music transmission gets intermittent. A little promising as my previous headsets usually gets disconnected after around 10 feet distance.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 5
Loving the simplicity of color and design, but that’s just me.


Design is probably one of the things that would make this one a keeper for me. I have encountered headphones that are usually made with silicon or plastic. The Adidas RPT-01 headphones on the other hand has this washable ear cushions: may not be something that is the most comfortable out there but good enough for the ears to seal the noise and just capture the music in your ears. The design itself looks sophisticated enough for me, as this is very Adidas kind of style.

Having said that, the idea of having a washable ear cushions prove enough that it was directed to whom they wanted this used: fitness enthusiasts like me, especially due to the fact that I sweat a lot!

Overall, the look and feel was classy. It may not be very soft when worn, but the durability of this device would surely last long even with the sweaty guys and girls doing their workout.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 4
Very Adidas as I have said earlier, with the left and right ear guide written nicely on the wire themselves.

I can’t vouch well how it fares when being worn at the gym, thanks to the quarantine here in the Philippines due to the pandemic. Although I have used it a couple of times doing my home workouts and quick runs at our building deck. The headphones’ tightness is adjustable, but this is something I am not very critical about due to my small head size, which most of the headphones that I have previously used would either be on a perfect fit, or a bit loose. The tightness can be felt after quite some time of usage, but the purpose would mostly be reasonable for workouts. But then, you might feel a little bothered when just using it on longer periods of time for music without doing anything else, like when I used it laying down while reading or playing my mobile game.


First things first: The battery life really matters for me. I’ve used some basic bluetooth headsets that promises over 10 hours of playback and it didn’t even last an hour! Thankfully, the Adidas RPT-01 headphones promises at around 40 long hours of playback!

While I haven’t really done a full stress test with regards to its battery life, I have used the initial battery and it has already lasted around 12 hours total (I’ve tested mine for 3 days) and I have not even heard the low battery warning. Yup, I have not heard it yet haha!

Another noticeable feature would be the IPX4 rating that provides splash and sweat protection. This should’ve been a requirement already for most wireless devices and this one does not disappoint.

adidas headphones app paired rpt 01 wireless sport on ear ios pinoy review philippines image
Everything I’ve done when paired with the Adidas Headphones App: additional audio customization, battery meter, and music control.

As mentioned earlier, the knob allows you to control the gadget on everything: pause, resume music, skip tracks, and control the volume. With the help of the Adidas Headphones App, you can put an additional set of functions when you press the button twice, or thrice. Unfortunately, I can only add the Spotify and Apple’s Siri. But you can also integrate Google Assistance, and Amazon Alexa if you have them too.

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Audio quality

As someone who goes to the gym a lot, wait let me rephrase that.

As someone who depends his workout energy partly on the music that I listen to, the quality of the sound really matters much. Generally, a workout music would consist mainly of upbeat and bass-y tracks, and Adidas RPT-01 Headphones seems to have been designed perfectly for this type of scenario. The perfect sound test here was using this headphones with my workout playlist (you can check it out too here: Power Workout on Spotify by Jeff Alagar). The headphone has a promising quality of bass, does not break and I can feel that workout rush, which usually pairs perfectly with my pre-workout supplement lol. I have then moved to my reading playlist and the sound still is reasonably clear and crisp. I may not be the most passionate about music quality, but as a casual music listener, I don’t see any issues with the audio overall.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 9
Workouts need a lot of bass to energize. And RPT-01 headphone won’t fail you!

On the other hand, those who would prefer a different mix of bass and treble can customize this setup through the app, as you can even create custom presets and modify your own equalizer to find that perfect mix.

Another thing you might not notice easily was that the product was introduced as a headphone. But little do you might not know, this is actually a headset as it has a built-in microphone! I have tested it with Skype and Facebook Messenger and thankfully it gets its job done. There is no noise cancellation though, but it’s not a necessity at least for me.

adidas rpt 01 wireless stereo headphones review philippines pinoy fitness buddy image 3
A good buy? Yes exactly, especially if you’re planning to use this for your intense workout days!

Final Thoughts

The Adidas RPT-01 Wireless Headphones are directed at the kind of market this gadget prefers: gym rats, extreme runners, fitness enthusiasts, with the features that this was designed with. The overall design, sound quality, and durability promises long-time use even for the toughest lifters out there. It would be a great buy for those who would casually use this, but definitely a big bang for the buck for the sports and fitness users of this handy yet functional gear.

beyond the box digital walker philippines adidas sport in on ear headphones for sale philippines2
Get your own Adidas RPT-01 Sport On-Ear Headphones only at Digital Walker and Beyond The Box!

Where To Buy Adidas RPT-01 Headphones

The Adidas RPT-01 Sport On-Ear Headphones is currently priced at P9,490.00, available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box in the Philippines.

Disclaimer: Pinoy Fit Buddy may have been provided with product(s) in return for a review from a digital agency or a third-party company. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are from PFB’s insights and are not influenced by them, and/or their affiliates, in any way.

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