#PinoyFitspiration 10: Zie Naval

We have just completed a milestone by featuring a total of 10 Pinoy Fitspirations as of today here at Relatable Fitness, and up on this 10th spot is the guy who seeks for recognition from all his hard work after struggling with weight gain. Meet our #PinoyFitspiration 10: ZIE NAVAL.

Meet our 10th Pinoy Fitspiration, Zie Naval.

Zie has made rounds in social media thru a particular viral post named “NAGMAHAL – NASAKTAN – NAGPAGANDA NG KATAWAN”, which was then shared for around 9,221+ as of today. We’ve finally had the chance to interview him briefly and here’s how it went:

Hello Zie! We’ve read your story and we won’t be very particular with how you started with getting fitter anymore because of your post. We’ll be glad to share that story too! But aside from being heavily heartbroken, was there any other motivation that drove you into getting fit?

To be honest at first, the only thing that I want is to become is a better version of myself. But along the way, my desire to be part of the modeling industry has driven me to continue and become better and better each day.

You’ve once mentioned that you’ve been a newbie once (everybody does) at the gym and just tried to copy other guys’ routines. What was it like generally the first time you attempted to become fitter?

At first, I was so shy and not even talking to anyone. Then I decided to search online about the routine that I can use to enhance my physical strength before I start to build more muscles. It’s important to know the things that you need to work and most importantly, to have a proper guidance from a gym instructor when you feel the need to have one.

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Now that you’ve grown looking healthier and fitter, how do you manage to stay consistent?

Simple: I always prioritize and be on point when it comes to taking my daily vitamins. And always try my best to go to the gym at least daily or every other day.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in this huge transformation so far?

Because of my transformation, opportunities have opened for me. It was a lot! I’ve become part of a very successful event of Mr. Bang Pineda and now I currently work for him as one of his ramp models for his collections. I am also doing some product endorsements on Instagram lately.

Aside from your exercise routine, what specific changes to your lifestyle have you made that works for you?

My best weight gainer and body shape maintenance is just to make sure I get to have at least 8 hours of sleep every day, so that I’ll have enough energy for my daily errands. Also make sure I drink more than 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

What’s your take on nutrition? Any sample diet you’d like to share?

I always eat a lot of protein foods during every meal and make sure that I’m taking all the vitamins that I needed daily.

#RelatableFitness Question: Do you allow yourself to have cheat days throughout the time you were trying to change? If you do, what were your favorite foods you allow yourself to indulge in?

Cheat day is one of the special days for those people working out, you have to treat yourself every now and then. So yes I’m also for cheat days. I really like ice cream! Ice cream is life!

Do you use supplements? If you do, would you mind sharing some with our readers?

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When I started working out I used to take ON Serious Mass for a year and I think it really worked for me when gaining.

We have seen you doing a lot of gigs on ramp modelling with some product endorsements too. Now what is the next big “thing” you’re aiming for?

To be honest, I’m not aiming for too much. All i want at the moment is to reach all my personal goals and to have a simple but happy life with my family and friends. But of course, if given the opportunity to step up, I would like to experience doing ramp modeling outside of the county.

What’s your recommendation on how to get the ball rolling with people who also wants to be fit for the better?

If you trust yourself that you can do it then nothing is impossible, all you need to do is to BELIEVE – you have to BELIEVE that you can do it.

Any shout outs / parting words / fitness quotes you live on by?

For me: From nobody – to AWESOME BODY!

Follow Zie’s journey at his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/zienavalofficial/. You may also follow him on his other social media channels:


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