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An Introduction To My Product and Supplement Reviews

Just today, I have officially launched this blog mainly because I want to share the success I’ve achieved so far when it comes to improving my overall wellness. I’m not saying I’m all great and contented, as like everyone does, it’s an ongoing process as we all try to be better every single day.

Don’t use supplements as an alternative to food. They’re there to complete, not substitute. (Photo from

When I was diagnosed with electrolyte imbalance paired with anemia, it took me a while to regain back my composure emotionally, physically, and mentally. With the help of different products that I have tried along my journey to restoring my health status and physical wellness, I can say that some of them contributed a lot while some just didn’t make me feel like it’s worth using them.

So through this blog, I’ll be sharing with you one by one on what I have been taking on the past 10 months leading to the summer getaways I had this year. Some of them are already a keeper. I have them still on my desk and still taking them. Some are already done simply because I don’t see any use on them.

Wanna take a quick peek on what’s on my supps table? Here:

Yup, it’s A LOT.

Quite a lot, right? Pang tokhang levels. Even my officemate warns me na wag manlaban if ever. WTF. Oh, I’m already hearing some of you complaining like I’m on a liver suicide. But trust me, it took a lot of research and consultation before I got all of these combined to fillup my tummy and get absorbed with proper intake schedule. But you must and always remember: these are SUPPLEMENTS, they are there to complete your nutrition if you can’t find the right food that contains them. DO NOT ALWAYS SUBSTITUTE food with them.

It’s up to you to guess what they are as some of them are pretty noticeable. But as we go along, I’ll show them and review each of them one by one. So please keep a grip on my blog. And dont forget to like or share it! Love lots! — Jeff

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