#PinoyFitspiration 14: Mr. National Universe PH 2018 Ken Filarca

Our next Pinoy Fitspiration came all the way from Ilocos Sur. Our very own Mr. National Universe Philippines 2018 Ken Filarca is a 28-year old sexy chef, and a banker. Ken used to be a food lover without limitations and still a food lover, but with much discipline now.

Our Pinoy Fitspiration #14: Mr. National Universe Philippines 2018 Ken Filarca.

What’s your path into fitness? How did you become interested in it?

Focusing on lean/toned body than on bulky/toned one. Model type would be the most appropriate for me especially I’m into pageantry. Because of bullying, I became conscious of how I looked like.

What was your biggest motivation to getting the body you wanted now that you’ve lost a lot of weight?

Biggest motivation – THE BULLYING That I have experienced. That squeezed me to become fit and look better.

Chest, arms, and core exercises are my favorite.

When you get to the gym, what’s your top 3 favorite exercises and what do you love about them?

First, CHEST PROGRAM, when your chest is toned, you look like superman, kidding aside, it shows strength upfront.

Second, ARMS program. I love to see my arms fitting the sleeves of my shirt. I look powerful.

Third, CORE program. I didn’t include legs because I have big ones due to fun runs before. Sometimes, people see you awesome with abs. That’s why I strive to have some.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in your pageant career so far?

Having the Philippine sash is the biggest accomplishment yet. Never during school days that I won any title.

I always try my best to prepare my own meals, except during busy times attending to my other priorities.

#RelatableFitness Question: Do you allow yourself to have cheat days? If you do, what are your favorite foods you allow yourself to indulge in?

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Yap! I have cheat days! I love sweets.

Do you mostly cook your food or eat out?

I prepare my meals. Sometimes not. Haha! But I prefer to have my meals personally prepared.

And now that you’re about to compete in a prestigious male pageant this year, how are you preparing yourself physically?

Physical preparation is m priority. I would choose not to be so bulky, but not so lean. Just the right body for a pageant and a model. Psychological preparation is also important: having the proper mindset. And spiritual, by asking for guidance from above.

Actually, I got a small time to prepare due to work and business demands but I still try to manage everything as smooth as possible.

“It’s never too late to start your own fitness journey”. Ken last 2015 (left) and this year (right)

Before we end this interview, what’s your biggest advise to those who wants to start a healthier, fitter lifestyle?

If you want to achieve something, no matter what the obstacle is, you’ll get it if you have the STRONG DETERMINATION and HARD WORK. Put your heart into your goals.

Any shout outs / parting words / fitness quotes you live on by?

No one started fit to be fit, but you can start to become fit if you want to.

Be sure to give your all out support to Ken as he competes this year for the title of Mr. National Universe 2018 on June 18 in Thailand. You may follow him at his Facebook page facebook.com/kenyongfilarca, or you may follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @kenyongfilarca.

‘Til our next Pinoy Fitspiration! Cheers and goodluck Ken!

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