Top 10 Fitness Gears & Accessories To Buy On Shopee 11.11 Sale

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We know that you can’t wait to claim those free shipping vouchers and discounts on Shopee to use on items that can help you achieve your fitness goals on the upcoming Shopee 11.11 Sale!

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But for those of you who can’t decide on which items to get, here’s a guide on the top gears and accessories you must check-out on Shopee this 11.11.

  • Quifit 2L Wide Mouth Tritan Water Bottle – Big gulpers who don’t want back and forth trips to the water dispenser can complete their work-out continuously with 2L Tritan Water Bottle. Made in cotton candy and classic ombre hues, Tritan’s Water Bottles is functional yet modernly hip. I like the fact that it’s made of BPA Free material and free of odor, so I am sure that it’s safe to use and it can even hold hot coffee should I decide to make one for to-go with its heat resistant properties.
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  • Tibay 2PC Left and Right Wrist Support Weightlifting Exercise Strap The right mindset should go hand in hand with the right equipment and accessories in order to bulk up and tone those muscles effectively. This 2-piece wrist support weightlifting straps is a great way to maximize performance. As its name implies they’re very “matibay” and made of high-grade nylon materials that guarantee strength and durability even in the most intense work-outs.
image 2
  • 12-in-1 Body Building Push Up Rack Board Exercise Workout Training – Target different areas of the body with this 12-in-1 body building push-up board. The different colors stand for different areas of the body: Blue for chest, red for shoulders, yellow for back, and green for triceps. This board is pretty cheap and at the same time collapsible and easy-to-transport. Do the 10-week total body work-out program and achieve your desired weight and shape by doing cardio, core exercises, plymonetrics, and push-ups.
image 3
  • Adjustable Anti-Slip Jumping Ropes for Workout – I know the pandemic has gotten the best of us stress eating the days away waiting for things to get back to normal and taking more cheat days than ever. If you’re still hesitant to hit the gym, start small by investing in this adjustable anti-slip jumping rope in the meantime. Sweat it out by skipping ropes as many times and as long as you can so you can at least burn some calories even while at home.
image 4
  • 150lbs Banded Brute Heavy Duty Resistance Bands Set 11pcs – Of course what would a work-out be without the proper resistance bands? Get your whole body into shape with 5 sets of heavy duty resistance bands with a total resistance weight of 150 lbs. Ideal for toning up upper body, core, back, and lower body, these resistance bands also come with free ankle straps, foam handles, door anchor and a bag. The whole package is really a steal considering how long you will be using these bands.
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  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Sport Wristband Heart Rate Fitness Tracker – Getting into intense training can be both rigorous and arduous. Have we done too much? How did we do today compared to yesterday’s session? To monitor health stuff such as our heart rate, calories burned, blood oxygen, and other essentials, a fitness tracker or a smart watch is a must. One of the leading brands for this is Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Sport Wristband. And with the 50 percent marked down price, shop vouchers and free shipping coming, Xiaomi Mi Band Sport Wristband is one of the hottest items to add into your cart this month!
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  •  Ab Roller Exercise Wheel – No more flabs, let’s go abs! Never neglect exercising your abs – and we have found just the perfect abdominal core strength training for you to use at home. The Ab Roller Exercise Wheel is specially designed for beginners so that you can mould that belly into firmer muscles. It comes in 5 colors to choose from.
image 7
  • Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale – Thou shalt monitor your weight and fat components. By keeping track, you can course immediate action plans for sudden weight or fat gains. Pair the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale with the Mi Fit App and monitor your body weight, body fat percentage, and body water percentage as often as you want. The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale is chic, has a minimalist design, and easily matches most bathrooms, and house interiors.
image 8
  • Push Up Stand Exerciser – Need a little help in executing those push-ups? Just purchase the Push Up Stand Exerciser and be on your way to doing more push-ups. Designed to fit in your hands for the most comfortable grip, this exerciser is the perfect push-up companion that’s portable and can be transported anywhere.
image 9
  •  Adjustable Door Pull-up Bar – Continue your upper body work-outs and do more push-ups and pull-ups plus add some sit-ups and stretching with the help of this adjustable door pull-up bar. Simply install on cement walls, corridors and doors made of sturdy material like wooden or security doors.
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And that wraps up our list of top 10 fitness gears and accessories you should check out this upcoming online sale at Shopee! Don’t forget to claim those shipping and discount vouchers, use your coins and be sure to check out the home page for any additional promos. Happy Shopee 11.11 shopping!

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