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Finish the year strong and #MoveMoreAtHome with Rexona!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for everyone, as this year has drastically changed the way we live, work, and play. As we wrap up this year, Rexona, the #1 deodorant brand, aims to encourage everyone to keep moving to get our energies up so we can end 2020 on a strong and positive note.

We know how important it is, especially during these trying times, to keep our health and fitness up. With most fitness studios remaining closed, we need to find ways to keep moving even while at home. In August, Rexona partnered with 10 of Metro Manila’s top fitness studios to host a series of free-for-all Facebook Live workouts for its #MoveMoreAtHome Live Fitness Series. Together with The Movement Studio, PlanaFORMA, YogaPlus, BARE Manila, F45 Training, 808 Studio, Flyweight Philippines, Pretty Huge Obstacles, The Upper Deck, and Central Ground CrossFit, Rexona wants everyone to keep moving, even while at home, because the more you move, the more you live.

MoveMoreAtHome KV
MoveMoreAtHome KV

Finding the motivation to workout at home can be quite challenging, but it always helps to be guided. Another way to feel motivated to move at home is to keep changing it up – to try different types of exercises so you can find which ones are best for you. If you have ever wanted to try fitness classes on shadowboxing, dance cardio, barre, yoga, jump rope, and more, Rexona’s #MoveMoreAtHome workout sessions are up on the studio partners’ Facebook pages so you can take any of these 30 fitness classes at home, anytime. If you’re looking for quick workouts that you can squeeze into your busy schedules, you can also find 5-minute versions of all these workouts on the Instagram pages of Rexona’s studio partners.

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For the remainder of November, you can still catch live workout sessions from Rexona’s studio partners – Barre on Nov. 24 with PlanaFORMA, and CrossFit on Nov. 26 with Central Ground. All classes are free for anybody to join on the studios’ respective Facebook pages. You can also get a chance to win exciting prizes and special discounts on Rexona Natural Whitening Deo Dry Serum for the ladies, and Rexona Men Natural Fresh for the guys, when you join these classes. 

As 2020 comes to a close, let’s all keep working out our health and fitness so we can build up our energy for a new year. Finish strong and start fresh when you #MoveMoreAtHome with Rexona!

For more details on the #MoveMoreAtHome Live Fitness Series, check out Rexona’s Facebook page.


About Rexona

Rexona inspires everybody to move more — because the more you move, the more you live. Our products are intelligently designed for ultimate all-day protection against sweat and odor, so that you can achieve what you want in the moments that matter. So whether you’re scaling a mountain, running for the bus, presenting to your boss or going on a date, you can be confident you have the best sweat and odor protection.

Rexona: It won’t let you down.

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